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These testimonials are from colleagues, coaches, clients, and clients' parents. 


I have been working with Jordan for almost a year now at his training sessions. Jordan's passion for basketball truly shines as he encourages young athletes, and provides game-like scenarios with each drill. Clients return weekly with positive comments from coaches and assistants on how they have improved their game. I highly recommend Jordan for all skill levels and ages, as he strives towards success on the court and in life for every athlete.

-Jurnee Carr (colleague)


Jordan Stout’s Skills Training Program has played a pivotal role in helping my child meet her goals as a basketball player.  Jordan possesses the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to assist players with improving their overall performance in basketball.  Prior to attending Stout’s Skills Training, my child lacked confidence in her strength and ability to thrive as a successful basketball player.  Jordan’s training program has increased her confidence, provided her with the necessary supports needed to help ensure her success as an athlete, as well as taken her basketball game to a new level.  The combination of Jordan’s good work ethics, passion for the game of basketball, and commitment to helping young  basketball players meet or exceed their personal goals, makes his program an invaluable asset for athletes seeking personal growth and development within the fundamental concepts of basketball.     

-Toria Gilewala (parent of client)


Stout Skills Training has helped build my confidence and improve my overall performance in basketball.  Jordan Stout creates a great learning environment that focuses on teaching new drills and techniques that have helped me develop in my position as a post player.  Having Jordan as my basketball coach has inspired me to apply the concepts that he teaches to the game of basketball, and other areas of everyday life.  He has definitely been a good role model for myself and other players who want to succeed both on and off the court. 

-Amariana Johnson (graduated client)


Stout Skills Training has helped me so much with my shooting and dribbling and my confidence. Playing a lot of games during the season was busy and hectic and I could go to training on the weekends and the off-season to be able to focus on the things I was having trouble with. It has been a great experience!

-Bailee Dye (graduated client)


I currently train under Jordan. I have looked up to him through middle school, high school and watched him achieve his dream as a college basketball player. I knew this is what I wanted to do, too. Jordan is encouraging, knows the game of basketball and is a wonderful mentor. His workouts challenge you to get you to the next level. I reached my goal and will play for King University but I'm not done training and Jordan is helping me every step of the way.

-Makenzy Bennett (graduated client/colleague)


I've known Jordan since he was in middle school with my oldest daughter. He was a young athlete then, but already showed leadership qualities. I continued watching him excel as a student-athlete through high school and the collegiate level. He always set a great example for everyone on his team. He knew the game but had so many other amazing qualities. I'm fortunate to now have such an amazing role model for my youngest daughter, Makenzy. With the help of Jordan, and other coaches, she will be playing college basketball. Jordan was instrumental in her dream with his workouts, his motivation, and his dedication to helping her. I highly recommend Jordan for any athlete for help with the game of basketball and the life lessons that he provides.

-Vanessa Bennett (parent of client)

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